New York

Pennsylvania [Penn Central]
Mayville, New York
July 21, 1970

Mayville, New York is an attractive little town on Chautauqua Lake in upstate New York, just north of Chautauqua itself, famous for concerts and cultural events. The Pennsylvania Railroad's Chautauqua Branch ran from Oil City, Pennsylvania through Corry, Clymer and Mayville and on to a junction with the Nickel Plate Road at Brockton. At Brockton the Pennsylvania used rails jointly owned with the Nickel Plate Road and served as a major route for coal heading to the steel mills at Lackawanna west of Buffalo. By this time the rails were coated with rust and the line was apparently out of service. This view from the New York Highway 394 bridge looks east; the Mayville station is visible just before the line curves to the left (north) to follow the lake shore.

Today the bridge and tracks are gone, but the station remains as the Mayville Depot Museum.

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