Music of Lamont Downs

Biographical note Performances

Compositions of Lamont Downs

Wind Ensemble
Title Date Availability
RS-2 (Concert March) 1970 Alfred Publishing Co.
DDA40X (Concert March) 1972 Free Download
E7A (Concert March) 1994 Alfred Publishing Co.
Electric Symphony for Junior Wind Ensemble 1972 G. Schirmer (out of print)
Sinfonia I for Wind Band (1969) 1969 Free Download
Sinfonia II for Wind Band 1982 Free Download
Chamber works
Divertimento for Brass Trio 1965 Ensemble Publications
A (More or Less) Brief Diversion for Tenor, Trumpet, Trombone and! Percussion 1972 Ensemble Publications · Free Download of Perusal Score
Concerto for Bass Trombone and Percussion 1974 Ensemble Publications · Free Download of Perusal Score
Sonata for B-flat Clarinet and Piano 1971 Free Download
Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano 1968 Free Download
Elegy for Violoncello and Piano 1989 Free Download

H.G. (Herbert Grant) Downs, 1893-1978

Title Date Availability
The Ptomaine March 1963 Free Download
The Buckeye High Rise March 1963 Free Download

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